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Montreal North Spartan Sprint 2019

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Dead End Race Sub Zero 2019

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The Montreal Spartan Sprint made its return to Ski Morin Heights for the first time since 2013 for the opening Canadian Spartan Race of the 2019 season. This is Adam Kwitko reporting for Obstacle Racing Media from the North Montreal Spartan sprint weekend. The weekend began with Saturday’s men’s elite heat just after 8:30am followed shortly …

This is Adam Kwitko reporting from Dead End Race Sub-Zero 2019, a 6km OR 12km winter obstacle course race in Parc Angrignon near downtown Montreal. Dead End Race Sub-Zero began with Sub-Zero Apocalypse elite wave at 9am, which saw athletes cover two laps of the 25 obstacle 6km course. So that 50 obstacles over 12kms …