2014 Tough Mudder Alberta

2014 Tough Mudder Alberta

Adamkwitko.comThe inaugural Tough Mudder Alberta took place in the badlands of Drumheller, at the Drumheller Stampede Grounds and featured two days of mud and obstacle running about an hour and a half drive North East of Calgary.

The course started on the Stampede fairgrounds and quickly merged onto a nearby motocross track then up and down some pretty steep and dusty hills surrounded by hoodoos but was mostly flat. The course measured 14km according to my GPS watch and featured only 284m of elevation gain

Obstacles included:

  • Kiss of Mud – barbed wire crawlAdamkwitko.com
  • Bail Bonds – heigh bails which were completely demolished by Sunday morning
  • Balls to the Wall – wall climb with rope
  • Artic Enema – ice bath that had way more ice then usual
  • Walk the plank – cliff jump
  • Everest – quarter pipe
  • Berlin Walls
  • Hazard
  • Warrior carry
  • The Mud Mile which was crazy slippery and with very few footholds
  • Three Mudder Legion only obstacles for Mudders who have already completed a Tough Mudder course including
    • A second long and low barbed wire crawl
    • Electro Shock therapy – the first of two electricity obstAdamkwitko.comacles where Mudders are shocked with 10,000 volts of electricity although no one actually got shocked on that one when I passed through it
    • And Grabbin’ Shaft which was a combination of a swinging horizontal bar shimmy to one ring to a second horisontal bar shimmy

As per Tough Mudder custom, the second electricity obstacle, Electro Shock Therapy was stationed just before the finish where Mudders were crowed with their coveted orange Tough Mudder Headband. Mudder Legion Members received an extra headband with a colour that corresponds with the number of Tough Mudder events completed.

Race Swag:

  • Tough Mudder finisher’s tech-t
  • Orange Headband
  • Dos Equis beer

GPS Data

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