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7 MORE Supply Chain Career Profile Videos by the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council

The SCMA Alberta 2017 Conference in Red Deer, Alberta saw The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council launch new videos profiling People in Supply Chain.

These video profiles focus on professionals working in Canada’s supply chain sector in a variety of industries. They provide a sample of the supply chain management career options. All english videos feature french subtitles and french videos include english subtitles.

View this post which includes 7 more career profile videos.


Melinda Nycholat
Director, Contract Services
Defence Construction Canada

  • Civil engineering and construction backgrounds are very useful in procurement roles

  • Cross-functional teams are prevalent

  • Procurement at the Department of National Defense (DND) provides an ever-changing landscape of daily challenges)


Cody Birkett
Cando Rail Services Ltd.

  • Mechanical backgrounds are preferred

  • There is a communications aspect to rail transport

  • Physical fitness is important

  • A culture of safety (Track SMART)


Stefanie Erickson
Logistics Coordinator
W.A. Grain & Pulse Solutions

  • Opportunities for advancement (from part time office assistant to regional logistics coordinator)

  • Scheduling and coordination proficiencies are vital responsibilities

  • Technical dexterity is important (as within any industry)


Supply Chain

Catherine Finnie-Wolff
Team Lead, Supply Chain
Access Pipeline

  • Cross-functional team management is vital

  • There is an importance to providing solutions by thinking outside the box

  • Technology appears to be lagging at least within this particular organization

  • On the job training is common

Support Services

Deidra Helmig
Senior Safety Consultant
Boreal Services Group Inc.

  • Relationship building is important as always.

  • Many women work within safety.

  • There will always be a human element in safety


Meagan Jonsson
Operations Supervisor
DHL Supply Chain

  • A lot of ethnic diversity.

  • Many women are currently working within warehouse settings.

  • People will always be needed to verify stock quantities.



Jamie Montesano
Total-R Inc.


Opportunities for promotions.

  • Engaging work that results in job satisfaction.

  • Hours are regular, overtime is rare.



Adam Kwitko

Recent supply chain management graduate certificate recipient, certified SAP Associate, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Microsoft Office Specialist (Excel & Access). Currently utilizing 6 years of event operations, media management and production experience to transition into a supply chain analyst position or similar.