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The 2017 SCMA Alberta Conference in Red Deer, Alberta saw The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council launch new videos profiling People in Supply Chain.

These video profiles focus on professionals working in Canada’s supply chain sector in a variety of industries. They provide a sample of the supply chain management career options. All english videos feature french subtitles and french videos include english subtitles.

View this post which includes 7 more career profile videos.


Brad Beerling
Logistics Manager
Meridian Manufacturing Inc.

“Be willing to accept problems are going to happen, be willing to adapt to them, learn from them and grow with them.” —Brad Beerling

  • Getting into logistics requires finding someone to learn from, finding a company that is willing to spend their time on you

  • Be prepared and willing to react to problems that arise


Warehousing and Logistics

Brent Ellis

Director, Commercial Warehouses

Wills Transfer Limited

  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) requires continuous coordination, lots of reporting

  • Understanding the needs of your customers

  • Opportunities for advancement within the warehouse industry

Supply Chain Management

Patrick Etokudo
Director of Supply Chain Management

“The skills that you need generically, to perform well as a supply chain manager would be things like interpersonal skills, great communication skills, an ability to negotiate, an ability to build networks and maintain relationships.” —Patrick Etokudo

  • Soft skills include: Interpersonal skills, communication, negotiating, build networks and maintain relationships.


Serge Faucher
Executive Director
Les entreprises Dupont 1972 inc.

  • Communication is key

  • Diesel procurement contract negotiating is a vital role of trucking companies

  • Precise scheduling


Christina Forth
FFAF Cargo

“The types of skills you need in this industry are to be very organized, very time sensitive… reliable, responsible; those things you always look for in employees.” —Christina Forth

  • A high degree of coordination is vital for freight forwarder portions (obvious)

  • Ethnic diversity is useful in understanding the cultural norms at play within geographic locations being served

  • Fast-paced and stressful environment


Jim Gillespie
Director of Programs

“If you’re interested in a full career, starting in supply chain, pick that part of the job that you love, get into that part of the job, work with others, but expect to stay at that level unless you’re willing to learn what all the other elements do. That’s the only way that you can grow into the leadership and turn it into a full career. Because it is very rewarding, very challenging and there’s going to be lots of room in this industry coming up.” —Jim Gillespie

  • Maintenance is the core of the supply chain

  • Cross-functional team management is paramount to this position

  • A military background is not necessary to work on military grade products

  • To grow into a leader, you must master your area of expertise, then learn about all of your colleagues’ areas of expertise

Supply Chain Management

Pierre Massicotte
Senior Vice President, Operations
L’Oréal Canada

  • Supply Chain Management plays a strategic role in the distribution of consumer cosmetics

  • Productivity drives competitiveness (obvious)

  • Many ingredients are imported, providing opportunities for those with logistics and customs backgrounds