WRG Hockey Classic 2018

This is Adam Kwitko reporting for the 5th edition of the WRG Classic 1920s and 30s themed outdoor hockey tournament at Parc Ignace-Bourget in Montreal, Quebec.

The WRG Classic is organized by the team at the What’s Really Good online lifestyle magazine. The tournament format consists of a four team playoff, where the winning teams from the first round face-off in the finals which was won by Team Notkin. There is no consolation finals for the first round losers.

1920s and 30s attire was encouraged for spectators and mandatory for players, some of whom traveled from as far away as Washington state and Arizona.

The festival zone consisted of various vendors, including a pop-up shop form title sponsor Lululemon, Food Guy Montreal‘s Gillman’s Deli were selling their Squish Knish Oysters from Oyster Dan, The Mercentile General Store and MacAllan VIP bar among others.

This has been Adam Kwitko signing off from the 2018 WRG Classic in Montreal. Follow me on Instagram for more coverage of local participant sports events: @adamkwitko is my handle.

Photo Credit: Logan Mackay

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