Trailstoke Ultra Marathon 2015

Trailstoke Ultra Marathon 2015

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The total distance of the Trailstoke ultra marathon is approximately 55kms with plenty of elevation gain.

Trailstoke starts at the base of Revelstoke mountain at 6am. The course is separated into 3 sections: The climb section, the ridge section and the decent. There is a relay option for runners who would like to tackle the 3 sections as a team.

The climb section accounts for 15kms and 4785 feet of elevation gain. It featured a non-stop climb with the only aid station signifying the end of the leg.

The ridge and alpine section was 23.26KMs long with 5151 feet of elevation Trailstoke 5.gain. While this section included the most vertical ascent, it was spread out more than section 1 due to it’s longer distance that
brought us over mud, rocks, an alpine section and both Montana Peak and Ghost Peak. Section 2 included 3 aid stations.

Section 3, known as the descent featured 18kms of distance, 350 feet of climbing and 2970 feet of vertical descent. This was section 1 in reverse where we basically ran downhill for the  was especially tough on the knees and quads. Infact, including the last 5kms of section 2, we ran downhill for 20kms strait.

I stored my water, gels, gummies and bars in the premium Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin 5 hydration pack. I really enjoy it’s tight fit and 7 pockets that are accessible while on-the-run.
My Suunto Ambit3 Peak edition GPS watch equipped with barometric altimeter measured 51.2 KMs or 31.8 miles with 3,357 meters or
11,014 feet of vertical ascent. That’s a lot of climbing.Trailstoke 2

Race Swag:

  • 5 Peaks hat or bag
  • 5 Peaks armwarmers or Buff
  • Trailstoke mug
  • No finisher’s medal

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