Salomon EXO S-Lab TwinSkin Compression Shorts TESTED + REVIEWED

Salomon EXO S-Lab TwinSkin Compression Shorts TESTED + REVIEWED

The TwinSkin Compression Shorts are Salomon’s premium trail running shorts featured on the expensive S-Lab product line.  Using the science of compression, these shorts are said to stimulate blood flow in your thighs and quads, helping you perform better on long trail runs.  They can also be used to stimulate recovery.  In order to achieve the benefits of compression you will have to measure your waist/thigh and apply your measurements to Salomon’s size chart.  These shorts include 2 pockets in the back and 1 in the front which can each fit a gel, but not much more. As the name suggests, the TwinSkin shorts include a compression brief and outer short.  If that look does not work for you, Salomon makes a ShortTight with no outer short attached and for the ladies, there are 2 versions of the TwinSkin Skort.

I found the TwinSkin Compression Shorts to be pretty comfortable, despite their required tightens (I have had them on for 10+ hours at a time).  While I cannot attest to them increasing my performance, I can say that they did provide me with some extra stability on long distance obstacle course races.  I have worn them for 9 obstacle races including 2 Spartan Beasts and a Tough Mudder.  I plan on racing with them until they develop holes in the crotch, which might happen eventually as some of the stitching is getting a little loose, but no hole so far. Watch the video.

Specs:Salomon S-Lab TwinSkin Compression Shorts

  • SMART SKIN™ – Applying the right technical material in the right zone for optimum performance.
  • TWINSKIN – A Salomon Label for 2 in 1 garments: More body comfort and value for money!
  • SKIN FIT – Next to skin fit
  • ACTILITE™ STRETCH MESH – Wicks moisture away from the body and dries quickly.
  • ACTILITE™ STRETCH JERSEY – Wicks moisture away from the body and dries quickly.

Salomon S-LAB EXO Compression SHORT TIGHTLikes:

  • Rugged looks
  • Tight compression you can feel


  •  I see some thread unraveling in the crotch seam. While a hole has yet to develop, I feel that one will eventually.  However that should be covered by Salomon’s Warranty


  • Follow the S-Lab Sizing Chart!

Salomon S-Lab TwinSkin Compression Skort 1 Salomon S-Lab TwinSkin Compression Skort 2

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