Relentless At The Ark 50km Ultra Marathon

Relentless At The Ark 50km Ultra Marathon by The Mad Trapper


Relentless The Ark is organized by Mad Trapper Racing featuring a 3k, 5k 11k 21k and 50km Ultra Marathon. The day started with the 50k Ultra at 7am with the 21km half marathon beginning at 8am, and the 3km and 5km 11km starting at 10am.Relentless at the ark 50km map

The 50k headed out on a 18km stretch of rolling gravel road featuring a colourful
sunrise before heading onto the trails where all the other distances stayed. The Ark is known for it’s 10.5km windy and rolling singletrack trail, that’s quite technical and mostly tree covered but does include some short exposed grassy sections. The 3km and 5km runners ran a portion of this trail, 10km runners it ran once, half marathoners ran two laps and 50km Ultra runners ran three times after the aforementioned 18km gravel road.

Relentless at the ark 50km elevation chartMy Suunto Ambit3 Peak edition measured exactly 50 kms for the 50 km course with 1414 meters of vertical ascent. I went with my Salomon Sense Pro trail shoes which have been my go-to trail shoes for long distance trail runs and races shoe to the decent cushioning they provide.

Finishers were rewarded with beer, lunch and this mantle appropriate finisher’s trophy.Relentless At The Ark Finisher

This has been Adam Kwitko from the Relentless at the Ark Trail Race in Denholm Quebec. Follow me on twitter and instagram @AdamKwitko is my handle


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