My Wetsuit Plan To Stay Warm for World’s Toughest Mudder

This is Adam Kwitko from, Canada’s best obstacle course racing magazine bringing you my wetsuit strategy for World’s Toughest Mudder.

It gets cold at night in the desert. To survive you’ll need a wetsuit. This year I’m going with the second edition of the Hyperflex Cyclone 3/2mm fullsuit, that I ordered from for the following reasons

·      Made of QuantumFoam this suit is extremely flexible. You just can’t get more flexible at this price point


·      The more flexible your wetsuit is, the less energy you’ll waste and trust me you’ll need everything you can get to keep going for the full 24 hours.

A 3/2mm thickness is not thick enough to get me through the night on it’s own. I’m going with that thickness so that I can add top and bottom layers as the night progresses and to remove them in the late morning.

When it starts to get real cold I’ll throw on my Hyperflex long sleeve 50/50 polyolefin top also from wetsuit It has

·      1.5mm neoprene on the chest and back

·      and Polyolefin (poly fleece) in the shoulders, arms and sides which has the highest insulating capacity of any fiber, natural or man-madexp117un-01_web

I’ll then put on my NeoSport Poly Fleece Pants, again from, over my wetsuit pants. These pants are:

·      also made of Poly Fleece which is extremely warm and flexible, more so than neoprene, again I’ll take all the flex in my legs that I can get

·      and they will protect the bottom of my wetsuit from tears that result from attempting Everest 2.0 in the late hours of the race


Layering will allow me to essentially convert my 3/2mm into a 4.5/3.5mm while avoiding potential cramping while changing out of and into another wetsuit, it will generate some heat between layers and will save me some time.

There you have it, my wetsuit strategy to help me survive World’s Toughest Mudder. Check out’s Tough Mudder and adventure tab for gear that will help you get through your next cold water obstacle course race. This has been Adam Kwitko from Follow me on Instagram, Facebook Twitter and Strava, @adamkwitko is my handle.


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