Montreal Athlete Completes 75 miles at Grueling 24 Hour Obstacle Course Race in the Nevada Desert

worlds-toughest-mudder-wtm-adam-kwitkoMontreal, Canada – (Marketwired – November 25, 2016) –  Adam Kwitko completes 15 laps of the 5-mile World’s Toughest Mudder course, including 300 obstacles and at Lake Las Vegas, Nevada stopping for doughnuts and pickle juice.

1,600 kilometers of running in addition to 270 hours in the gym over 11 months of training was Montrealer, Adam Kwitko’s preparation for the annual race in the desert. Kwitko competes in shorter distance obstacle course races (OCRs) throughout the year, however World’s Toughest Mudder has been his focus since late 2014. “A lot can go wrong in 24 hours so you really have to stay focussed and work through the inevitable pain. It’s so tempting to stop or take a break.”

World’s Toughest Mudder is comprised of a 5-mile loop with 21 obstacles at Lake Las Vegas, situated 40 minutes from the Las Vegas strip. Obstacles include various strength, agility and water challenges including lake traverses and a 35-foot cliff jump that opens at the race’s half way point (midnight). “The cliff jump provided the biggest psychological challenge for me last year” said Kwitko. “This time around, I seeked advice from everyone I came across including a former army paratrooper and a psychiatrist candidate. Their advice helped me jump off the cliff 6 times with a relatively calm state of mind.” It was at that point Kwitko committed fully to his 75-mile goal.

Adding to the challenge, athletes run the majority of World’s Toughest Mudder in a wetsuit due to the numerous water obstacles and cold nightly temperatures of the Nevada desert where temperatures ranged from 25 degrees Celsius at the race’s mid-day start to 5 degrees at 4am. “You experience a lot in 24 hours of continuous racing. I pulled my groin 3 hours in, experienced nausea and tendonitis in my left foot, but those are minor issues compared to the dehydration, hypothermia and broken bones encountered by many. The hardest part is likely around the 14-hour mark, when you’ve been racing for that long and you know you still have 10 hours left.”

About Adam Kwitko:

Adam Kwitko is an endurance sports athlete, ultra-marathoner and obstacles course racer from Montreal, Quebec. He has been active in the industry since 2010 as an athlete, videographer, editor and event logistics professional in Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Kwitko’s endurance sports media content can be viewed at and

About Tough Mudder, Inc.:

Founded in 2010 with the launch of the Tough Mudder event series of 10-12 mile military-style obstacle courses, Tough Mudder Inc. has since grown to include Tough Mudder Half, an obstacle challenge bringing the thrills of Tough Mudder to a 5-mile course; Mudderella, an obstacle course series created by women for women; Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder, a custom event for children ages 7-12; and World’s Toughest Mudder, a grueling 24-hour endurance competition. The Tough Mudder family of brands is united by a commitment to promoting courage, personal accomplishment and teamwork through unconventional, life-changing experiences. With more than 2 million participants to date, Tough Mudder Inc. will put on more than 120 events worldwide in 2016.




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