GoPro Hero 4 Silver TESTED + REVIEWED

GoPro Hero 4 Silver TESTED + REVIEWED

The Hero 4 Silver is the first GoPro camera to include an GoPro Logointegrated screen that’s ok for framing, and great for video and photo playback and is actually not included on the more expensive Hero Black edition. The screen has touch screen functionality that you unlock by taping and swiping the screen.
The battery life of the Hero 4 Silver in continuous record mode is 1h 38 and a half minutes with the screen on and you can disable the screen temporarily by pressing on the button located at the lower left or you can lock it off in the screen settings to conserve only 8 minutes of recording batteryGoPro Hero 4 pic 1 time in medium brightness mode for a total of 1:46 with the screen turned off.

To use the touch screen with the waterproof housing on, you’ll want to use the Touch display backdoor. The standard waterproof and non-waterproof skeleton back plates are also included.

Video capture performance on the GoPro Hero 4 Silver is similar to the GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition. With added features including:

  • A new settings and highlight GoPro Hero 4 pic 2mode button
  • Auto low light mode
  • Superview
  • An improved audio recording
  • An updated menu that in settings mode strolls vertically as opposed to horizontally in previous models and where you can see the options in front and behind of your selection
  • And of course the aforementioned touchscreen

I’ll let you be the judge of the Hero 4 Silvers video quality. All this footage was not colour corrected and shot with the standard settings as opposed to pro tune. There are plenty of protune and general video colour correction demos and tutorials available on YouTube if you are interested in thoseGoPro Hero 4 pic 3 features. Or you can tweet me your specific questions at @AdamKwitko.

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