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Ecco shoesGet Out There was recently invited to the outdoor paradise that is the state of Oregon by Ecco Shoes to get the low down on their emerging sport line-up While better known for their faction and golf collections, Ecco’s sport product line features 62 men’s and 81 woman’s shoes, that’s a wide range of options from the all new Biom Ulterra hiking boot featuring Yak leather that’s more durable then cow leather and a GorTex mid, to the Biom Ultra Quest multi-purpose trail shoe.

For more on the Ecco Biom Ultra Quest, check out Sven’s review by clicking here.

Biom M

Ecco is first and foremost a leather shoe company, it’s in their DNA, so you can expect to see leather deriving from Calf, Veal, Cow, Camel, Yak hides across all ecco product lines, including their sport line. Matt Lezin, one of ecco’s tanners out in California walked us through Ecco’s quality standards where hides with:

  • Excessive insect bites
  • Rashes
  • Barbed wire scratches
  • and Multiple branding

Will not make the cut.

What benefits will leather add to an athletic shoe? Well, some added durability and ascetics. Leather results in a less casual look which differentiates Ecco’s sport line from the rest of the pack Of cores the shoe which caught Get Out There’s eye was Ecco’s forthcoming trail shoe, the Biom Trail FL to be released in February of 2015. Featuring a cow leather upper, the men’s FL will weigh in at 342g that’s 12 oz with a 8mm drop while the woman’s FL will weigh 265g, that’s 9.3oz with a 6mm dropAnimal Athlitics.

Willy and Yassin of Animal Athletics took us out for a scenic 5 mile hike in our Ecco Biom Ultra Quests on the wildwood trail to Pittock Mansion Mountain over to Washington Park and the rose garden on Wednesday.

On Thursday we set out to hike Beacon Rock, a 1 mile long 850ft accent practically exclusively along switchbacks where Laura McMullen of Volcano Lands Nature Tours enlightened us on the local native folklore.

After the amazing views and the descent I headed out for a 13 mile trail run with Yassin fromDSC00602 Animal Athletics and Keith Paterson from Bergans packs in our Bergans Rondane 6L hydration packs. We tackled 3500 feet of elevation gain up Hamilton Mountain commencing on the Hamilton Mountain trail, we then took Hardy Creek Trail to Dawns Cutoff Trail bringing us to the wide open Hamilton Mountain Saddle Trail one mile from the summit of Mount Hamilton where we met up with the hike group testing their Ecco Ulterra mid hiking boots for another breathtaking view. After a short break we headed back down the Hamilton Mountain trail for a steep descent.

DSC00647Beacon RockHamilton Mountain

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