Dead End Race Ottawa Stadium Edition 2015

Dead End Race Ottawa Stadium Edition 2015

Adam KwitkoThe first edition of Dead End Race Ottawa Stadium edition went down at TD Place1400 registered for the first obstacle race inside a stadium with the exception of Polar Hero Ottawa, which was held in the same location but obviously during the winter. 16 runners started every 2 to 3 minutes in 9 waves from 9am to 1pm, the final wave being the family wave.

Obstacles at Dead End Race Ottawa Stadium:

  1. BoxesDead End Race Stadium Edition 2
  2. An under cargo net
  3. Inflatable pins
  4. Garbage bin hurdles
  5. Medium walls
  6. A rope attached to a weight you had to pull up
  7. A down stairs and upstairs weight carry
  8. A horizontal tube shimmy
  9. A 45 degree ramp climb
  10. Another cargo net
  11. A zigzag lattice wall 
  12. A roughly 20lb down then up stairs sandbag carryPlatinum Rig
  13. A Rope climb
  14. Inflatable slide
  15. An extra long Platinum Rig which featured:
  16. Another inflatable thing
  17. A long upward slanted tube to crawl up
  18. Short walls
  19. A slanted wall you had to walk across aided by chains, mountain climbing like hand grips and foot ledges
  20. 2 back-to-back tall wall that were about 8 feet high
  21. The Dead End Race quarter pipe

As you’d expect from a stadium race, we ran up and down  a lot of stairs, through the halls of TD place, on concrete, some pavement pavement and on the stadium’s turf. My Suunto Ambit3 Peak edition GPS watch, equipped with barometric altimeter measured 3.75km with 127 meters of vertical ascent, attributed to all those stairs.

PodiumDead End Race Ottawa


  1. Lisa-maria Slim – 26:51.3
  2. Veronique Desmanches – 31:54.6
  3.  Morgan Mckay – n/a


  1. Marc-andré Bedard – 18:35.7
  2. Benjamin Morin Boucher – 19:10.8
  3. Quinton Gill – 21:08.7


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