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What differentiates Coexiste CrossFit from other CrossFit Boxes are their obstacles, including the Eastern Canada Spartan Race obstacles they have stationed throughout their gym year-round.

These obstacles include:

  • The vertical cargonet
  • Rope climb
  • Later climb
  • 8 foot wall
  • Inverted wallCrossFit Montreal
  • Traverse wall
  • Straight and slanted monkey bars
  • Infinity bars
  • An extra long Platinum Rig
  • And the slip ramp, minus the slick base and soap

They also have a dual height quarter pipe, peg board and a waver or weaver. You can also practice their obstacles at obstacle WODs and at their open gym sessions.

Coexiste’s Obstacle WOD starts off with a short warm-up, then an obstacle technique walk-through to ensure safety and efficiency before the workout which mixes traditional CrossFit exercises with obstacles. This training can be extremely useful to beginner obstacle racers preparing for their first race and experienced athletes, looking to shave off a few seconds at each obstacle through mastering their technique.

Coexiste CrossFit Obstacle WODToday’s Obstacle WOD consisted of a 20 minute repeating series of:

  • 1 rope climb
  • 6 65 or 95 lb overhead lunges
  • 8x 14 or 20 lb Medicine Ball Cleans
  • 10x Hand release pushups
  • then the slanted wall, waver or weaver, strait wall and slip ramp


Coexiste has a number of packages including CrossFit Fundamentals, and traditional CrossFit WODS so check their schedule and pricing section at and remember that your first week is free!

Coexiste CrossFit


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