BattleFrog Trois Rivieres 2016

BattleFrog Trois Rivieres Jerry Can carry 3
The inaugural BattleFrog Trois Rivieres was held at the Rushwood permanent obstacle course on Saturday, July 9th, 2016. It rained
 hard all day, which made for a real sloppy race. BattleFrog is known for it’s challenging and technical courses which include carries, often 2 Platinum Rigs, walls and other military inspired structures some of which feature novice, intermediate and elite options. The collaboration with Rushwood allowed for BattleFrog Trois Rivieres to feature 60 obstacles on the course which measured 7.5km per lapaccording to my Suunto Ambit3 Peak Edition GPS watch, with 507 meters of elevation gain.

Open runners did one lap of the course, elites did two laps and BFX competitors ran as many laps as they could between 8:15am and the final lap start cut off time of 2:45pm


BattleFrog Trois Rivieres traverse 1BattleFrog Trois Rivieres Wreck Bag carry 2

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