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Adam Kwitko is an endurance sports journalist specializing in obstacle course races (OCR), road races, trail races and outdoor recreation having produced content for publications including, 3-Seconds.com, Canadian Running, Get Out There Magazine, Obstacle Racing Media, among others. Kwitko is best known for his video reports on races which describe the event as experienced by the participant, delivered with same-day turnaround in English and French. He possesses the highest viewership among Canadian endurance sports reporters, having achieved 69% of total Get Out There Magazine’s viewership from 2013 through 2014 while contributing under 20% of total GOT content.


Adam Kwitko Rugged Maniac Calgary Winner

Adam Kwitko is the only producer/reporter in Canada to cover running and obstacle course races nationwide: ranging from 5km to 125km as a true sport. He informs viewers of all course details including length, elevation, terrain, obstacles and obstacle placement while conveying podium finishers in a manner that encourages viewers to participate. Kwitko also produces product review videos and written articles pertaining to outdoor recreation and endurance sports products including shoes, apparel, winter apparel, hydration packs, electronics, camping equipment and more. Since 2012 he has produced more than 100 race reports and product reviews. He currently holds a GPS sponsorship from Suunto and is a shoe and appeal ambassador for Salomon Running.

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In addition to his media career Adam Kwitko works as a freelance event operations professional, with past contracts
including: The Scotiabank Calgary Marathon, Le Esprit Triathlon de Montreal, The Running Room, among others. He has worked for over 20 sports events in event management and logistic roles in and around Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary.