2015 Vermont Spartan Beast & Ultra Beast

2015 Vermont Spartan Beast & Ultra Beast

2015 Vermont Ultra Beast sand bag carryThe Vermont Beast and Ultra Beast are THE toughest races of their kind period due to the steep climbs and descents that you’ll only understand if you experience them firsthand, with the possible exception of the upcoming Tahoe Spartan Race World Championships. The Vermont Ultra Beast always has a high failure rate. 2014’s failure rate was around 70%

Killington previously hosted the Spartan Race World Championships from 2012-2014. This year featured some notable changes, due to water safety concerns and a decreased operations budget. BUT Spartans still had to deal with that ridiculously steep mountain and multiple heavy carries.

2015 Vermont Ultra Beast barbed wire crawlObstacles at the Vermont Beast and Ultra Beast featured the following in order:

  1. Log Hurdle
  2. Over-Under-Through walls
  3. Hay Wall
  4. Inverted wall
  5. Memory Test
  6. Cliff Climb
  7. Low Spear throw that was only active for Saturday’s Beast
  8. Pancake Sandbag Carry
  9. Tire Drag
  10. 12002852_10153284434602901_1302890867448602606_nThe heavy sandbag carry where men and women were required to carry one in elite and open divisions  
  11. 5 foot wall
  12. The Multi Bar which featured a series of 1 short Tarzan rope to 7 rings
  13. Hercules Hoist
  14. The Unstable Vertical Cargo Net
  15. The 1st Barbed Wire Crawl
  16. Log balance beam
  17. The uphill bucket brigade which Ultra Beast Spartans had to carry for twice as long on their second lap
  18. 7 Foot wall
  19. Log farmer carry
  20. The first short rope climb
  21. A series of 10 consecutive walls
  22. More log hurtles
  23. The first uphill log carry11202603_10156108573150425_1769455881073203953_n
  24. The 8 foot wall to 6 short Tarzan rope to shorter wall obstacle
  25. Hay Wall
  26. Atlas Carry
  27. 2nd unstable vertical cargo net
  28. The waist deep water trodge
  29. The 2nd uphill log carry
  30. The 2nd barbwire crawl and this one was uphill
  31. The 2nd short rope climb
  32. the Z-Wall traverse wall
  33. The log atlas carry
  34. The 3rd barbed wire crawl and this was the long one
  35. 2 more log hurdles
  36. The Spartan classic spear throw
  37. And fire jump

that marked the finish of the beast and which Ultra BeasSS020677000-suunto-ambit3-peak-black-2t Spartans skipped, making their way to the not secure drop-bin zone and headed out to do the previously mentioned course all over again.

My Suunto Ambit 3 Peak edition GPS watch equipped with barometric altimeter set to maximum accuracy measured 27.7 miles or 44.7 kms with 12,257 feet or 3,736 meters of vertical gain. I’ll also add that it lasted the entire duration of my 11:10 Ultra Beast with 45% battery life remaining again on it’s maximum accuracy setting.

I ran the Ultra Beast in my 2XU sleeveless compression top which features targeted core body support that’s greatly appreciated for an ultra endurance race like a Beast or Ultra Beast. It’s also super tight so you don’t have to worry about getting it snagged on barbed wire

All beast finishers received a Spartan Beast finisher’s t-shirt and special edition downloadVermont Beast finisher’s medal while Ultra Beast finishers received a Killington Ultra Beast finisher’s shirt and glow in the dark Ultra Beast Killington finisher’s medal.

Woman’s Beast Podium

  1.    Nancy Bourassa
  2.    April Cockshutt
  3.    Jackie Landmark

Men’s Beast Podium

  1. Jesse Bruise
  2. Matthew Kempson
  3. Junyong Pak

Woman’s Ultra Beast Podium

  1. Rhonda Bullard-Augustine
  2. Caroline Drolet
  3. Tara Cioppa

Men’s Ultra Beast Podium

  1. Grady Jackson
  2. Derek Merkley
  3. Frankie DiSomma
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