2015 Rugged Maniac Calgary

2015 Rugged Maniac Calgary

Inaugural Rugged Maniac Calgary weScreen Shot 2015-07-19 at 10.36.09 AMnt down at Rocky Mountain Show Jumping on Saturday, July 18th, 2015. 4,600 maniacs registered and took off in 15 minute intervals in groups of 150 from 10am through 2pm. I ran in my Salomon Fellcross 3 softground trail shoes which provided excellent grip in a very durable package that’s relatively lightweight and has a fast racing feel.


  1. Quad BurnersScreen Shot 2015-07-19 at 10.37.40 AM
  2. Jacob’s Ladder
  3. The Pile Driver
  4. Beam Me Up
  5. Barricades
  6. Camelback
  7. The Trenches
  8. Show Catcher
  9. Speed Trap
  10. Pipe Dream
  11. The Gauntlet
  12. Head Scratcher
  13. Balance or BustRugged Maniac Calgary Course Map
  14. Commando Crawl
  15. The Ringer
  16. Napolean Complex
  17. Tipping Point
  18. Ninja Escape
  19. Let’s Cargo
  20. Pack Mule
  21. Pyromaniac
  22. The Warped Wall
  23. Mount Maniac
  24. Accelerator
  25. Anti Gravity

My Suunto Ambit3 Peak edition GPS watch clocked 5.28KM with 70 meters of elevation gain, making this rather a flat Suunto Calgary Rugged Maniaccourse for an obstacle course race.

All maniacs received a Rugged Maniac cotton T-shirt, a Rugged Maniac finisher’s medal along with a free Coors Light and entertainment including a mechanical bull in the after party.

Race Swag:

  • Finisher’s Medal
  • Cotton T-Shirt
  • Coors Altitude

GPS Data

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