2015 Montana Spartan Founder’s Race Beast and Sprint

The Founder’s Race weekend got underway with the 12ish mile Beast distance on Saturday. The men’s elite heat got underway at 7:30am followed by the women’s elite division at 7:45am.

Obstacles included:

  1. Log Hurdle
  2. OUT (over – under – through walls)
  3. Uneven Monkey Bars that got shut down early on
  4. Log flip
  5. Rope climb
  6. Cliff climb with ropes
  7. More log hurdles
  8. Log carry
  9. The A-frame cargo net
  10. An 7 food Wall followed by a 8 foot wall
  11. Log farmer carry
  12. The Z-Wall
  13. Another log carry
  14. Bridge
  15. A tough up and down hill gravel bucket carry
  16. Sandbag carry
  17. Hercules Hoist
  18. The 3rd and final log carry
  19. Tire flip
  20. Log atlas
  21. Rolling mud
  22. Plate Drag
  23. Stairway to Sparta
  24. Inverted Wall
  25. Tractor pull
  26. Tyrolienne Traverse
  27. Barbed Wire Crawl
  28. Vertical Cargo
  29. Dunk Wall
  30. Spear Throw
  31. Slip Wall
  32. Lattice Wall
  33. Cliff Multibar
  34. Fire Jump

The Sprint Race on Sunday morning is the first of the NBC Sports televised races that will air on July 21st. So many of the Spartan Pro Team were there along with us beat-up Beast finisher’s from the day before. 

The terrain featured: technical terrain, many hills and descents, single track trails, gravel roads, grass, a few swamps and even a water crossing.

Due to a shipping error, Spartan Beast finishers did not receive their finisher’s shirt, but the Spartan Sprint finishers did and finishers received the special edition Spartan Founder’s Race Beast and Sprint finisher’s medal with magnetic trifecta pie piece and a Cliff Bar.

2015 Montana Spartan Beast


  1.     Ryan Kent
  2.     Chad Trammell
  3.     Jimmy Silwa


  1.     Faye Stenning
  2.     Allison Tai
  3.     Debbie Kosh

2015 Montana Spartan Sprint


John Yatsko
Chad Trammell
Glen Racz


  1.     Rose Wetzel
  2.     Amelia Boone
  3.     Orla Walsh
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