2014 Toronto Spartan Sprint and Super

The Spartan Race invades Brimacombe ski resort for the 2014 Toronto Reebok Spartan Sprint and Spartan Super.

The Toronto Spartan Race weekend got underway with the 5+ km Sprint distance on Saturday with the elite starting wave at 9am with waves of 250 departing every half hour until 4pm. While the Sprint is Spartan’s shortest distance, the long and hilly Mont Tremblant course at the Montreal Spartan Sprint and Super for that matter two weeks ago had many experienced Spartans doubtful that they’d be in for an easy ride.

The Sprint course measured just over 5km and went up and down short ski slopes 5 times while the Super course copied the Sprint course adding 2 hills, some flat trail running a bucket carry, heavy sandbag carry and some mud.  The Super course was a little short

2014 Toronto Spartan Sprint Elevation Chart
2014 Toronto Spartan Sprint Elevation Chart

totalling 11km had 7.5 accents and was a nice change from the relentless hills of previous Eastern Canada Spartan Races.  It was

well received by trail runners.

Race Details

Race site: Brimbacomb Ski Resort (map)


  • 2014 Toronto Spartan Super Elevation Chart
    2014 Toronto Spartan Super Elevation Chart

    Sprint: 5.35km

  • Super: 11km

Race swag:

  • Red Spartan Sprint finisher’s medal for Sprint distance
  • Blue Spartan Super finisher’s medal for Super distance
  • Spartan finisher’s t-shirt
  • Spartan Race headband
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