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Quantitative forecasts are as in-demand as ever. This post provides four solid forecasting options in Microsoft Excel that can be used to predict sales, operating costs, performance and more. The forecasting methods explained include: moving average, the Excel FORECAST function, trendline and regression using the Analysis ToolPak.Moving AverageA moving average predicts the future value of a time period through averaging past time period values. That forecast can then be used in further forecasting down the line, averaging it with other time period values. The risk in Moving Average forecasting isSEE DETAILS

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Barcodes and their associated scanning guns have been a staple in inventory management. Whether implemented in a library for signing books in and out, or within a large-scale online retailer’s distribution centre (DC), the use of both wired and wireless barcode systems is widespread throughout the supply chain. Tech companies including the Vitech Business Group are currently shaking up the inventory management industry through their integration of voice-directed order picking. Their product allows for order pickers to receive picking lists audibly, then confirm the pick by reading the product name orSEE DETAILS </...

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NOTE: This article was written prior to the recent US corporate tax rate decrease to 21% and increase in the Ontario minimum wage to $14/hour.Executive Summary             Opening a distribution centre staffed by 501 full time minimum wage employees in Richmond, Virginia would be $2,462,771 per year less expensive than in Cornwall, Ontario. Due in large part to a lower minimum wage rate difference of $1.76 (CAD) and a mandatory employer contribution requirement differential of $625,045 per year, which aid it to surpass its unfavourable current exchange rate difference of 33%. Employees inSEE DETAILS <span class="more-lin...

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The Tesla Semi-trailer truck press launch on November 17th, 2017 wowed a hanger full of tech enthusiasts who likely have never stepped foot inside a logistics office or an actual semi themselves. I mean come on, when was the last time you heard a logistician cheer and scream in that manner? The first of its kind electric semi boasts the following impressive claims: 500 miles of range on a full charge at maximum weight 30 minute charge time to 80% capacity 0-60mph in five seconds with an empty trailer 60mph inSEE DETAILS

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This ASUG Roadshow provided SAP customers with a place to meet and learn about the road to SAP S/4HANA from experienced partners, customers, and SAP experts. The December Toronto event featured:The Art of the Possible with SAP S/4HANA presented by Kim Cybulski S/4HANA Solution Director from SAP who described Recent innovations, new business processes and S/4HANA advantages over ECCFollowed by: Charting the Course of Deployment Options: Which provided insight as to which conversion direction could be best for you, and what key considerations should be made: a collaboration between CurtisSEE DETAILS

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